Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommie's Day

Wow I have been in the "Mommy Club" (the really fancy one, where you initiation gift is a certificate for a guarantee that your purse will forever be full of milk/juice crackers etc. long after the bottles have left) for three and a half years now. I know I haven't really been that good at documenting here what has transpired, but maybe you've gotten a glimpse of how much fun we have. Murphy has changed our lives into something magical (believe me it isn't all magical, the tantrums and being screamed at by a toddler don't really fit into that area - but it's like birth, somehow even through the pain you know you would do it again {given the chance - ahem Josh}) every day with the little monkey we "discover" brand new things - did you know that worms are all related and should be put in a pile so that they can be acquainted with one another? Me neither.

I just want to say to all of you lovely women out there (some that I know and many I don't) Happy Mother's Day, may your journey down this road be full of wonder, excitement & love.

And to Murphy my love - thank you for making me a part of this day, you make me giggle and look at things completely different than I would have ever thought to.

Hey babe, don't worry I didn't forget you - thank you for creating our family - I love you. We joke a lot that we don't have "movie love" - but i don't think anyone in the movies has what we have.

Oh and lastly, Mom (of course I saved the best for last), Happy Mom's Day. You have shown me a shining example of what a mom should be, you have been there through every thing in my life whether you knew how to be or not - you were always there. Thank you - I love you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So I really shouldn't but I really can't help myself...

email exchange between the hubs and myself this morning:

me: so we are ok with never sleeping for the rest of our lives right?

josh: No. No I’m not... I let Fozzy out and he peed and then started to run around. I fed Baxter 2 cups and Fozzy half his old and π of the new food. He then walked over to me as I was changing and started dropping a load. I had to run out sans-pants and drop him off in the gravel. I then ran downstairs and threw on some pants. Fozzy was waiting at the step where he had taken his crap.

me: I seriously just spewed my licorice nibs - thanks for the visuals.

josh: I didn’t tell you the best part. I had on my arm warmers and my knee warmers only. So picture that.

me: wow. classy. welcome to the neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We have an announcement...

We are going to add another member to our family today - no Josh and I haven't been practicing (much to the chagrin of some). We are getting a little labradoodle to add to our brood! We are really out of our minds excited!