Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God must love us...

...because he created skiing, right? I LOVE to ski - but haven't been up on the mountain nearly as much as I have craved to be just because once you have littles, you seem to make these things less of a priority. Well unless you just include them in it! I started Murphy in ski lessons a couple of weeks ago and I can't even express what a joy it has been to see Murphy love something that I love so dearly as well. We went up last week to Alta and shared the most incredible bluebird day together skiing down the mountain. Murphy is a natural. Now we just have to get Daddy back up the mountain!

What I'm about.

This came from www.wordle.net which is a site where you type in your blog and it spits out an image with words from your site. Total love - though I think if Christmas and lights weren't my LAST post maybe it would be less Christmassy :)

Wordle: Murphy