Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whose Dean?

As many of you know I have been back in school for almost six months now. Any of you that have gone back to school as an adult know what a daunting thing it is to return to school while keeping normalcy in all of the other areas of life (not always completely possible though a fantastic goal).

It is an incredibly personal decision to put yourself out there with the huge possiblity that you might not be able to pull it off. I started in college in my late teens not sure what I wanted to be when I grew up - a peds doctor was my first choice and then after a stint at Primary Children's as much as I loved helping people I realized that it might not be the life choice for me, I then sort of just wandered through undergraduate studies without a real passion or drive not know which direction I would end up. I found the love of my life four years ago and we settled down to have our amazing little guy ~ Murphy ~. College took a back seat in my life though I knew it was always something I wanted to finish.

Since then I have continued my career in Marketing and have realized my passion for it - everything about it from the people interaction to being able to create things and work in a team environment. I kept thinking "when Murphy get older I'll go back to school" and then it hit me - what exactly was I waiting for or was it really just another form of procrastination. So a really long story long - I took the plunge with my husband holding my hand being the most supportive partner and Murphy helping me do "homework" and I just found out I made the Dean's list. Wow - I guess theres a first for everything.