Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged - Eight Wierd Things

Now if you asked my dear husband he could probably come up with many more than just eight weird - I mean endearing - things about me. But since I am supposed to come up with them here we go:

1. Nails being clipped - I absolutley can't stand to listen to other people click their finger/toe nails creeps me out! Funny thing is that it doesn't bother me to hear mine being clipped at all.

2. Forks making that weird scraping sound on a plate - I will seriously have to run into another room if someone is doing this on purpose.

3. Drinks in glasses - I always leave about 1/4 to 1/2 in of whatever liguid I am drinking in the bottom, I don't even think about this I just don't EVER finish what is in a glass, I also have to get a new glass almost every time a get a drink if the old glass has been sitting longer than a few minutes - You said weird right?

4. OCD + Undiagnosed = me (cleaning, on-time etc etc)

5. Leftovers are not for eating!!!!! I have a 24-48 hour rule on leftovers, if they have been in longer than that/or you can't remember when they were cooked they are not edible.

6. Shopping - I am the most undecided shopper you will meet, I don't know how many times I have stood in line to checkout only to get to the cashier and decide that I don't really need said item and put it back - irritating!

7. I don't like to be splashed with water especially if I am not in a pool aka doing dishes or bathing a child and husband thinks it would be funny to splash water on wifes face - I don't know if it is mental or not but it makes my skin FREAK OUT!

8. I am a freak about Christmas - I am getting better so that they people that live with me don't go insane but I used to start listening to Christmas Music sometime in Oct (you only get to listen to it once a year right) Now I am forced to wait until after Thanksgiving - PURE TORTURE

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cute Comments from a two-year old...

Murphy and I were enjoying a lazy Saturday morning in our pajamas watching cartoons, and when I asked him if he wanted to go help fix breakfast - he ran to the door and started yelling Mommy coming too!!!! I think that we go out to breakfast a lot on the weekend - this little guy knows the routine even if that wasn't what I meant.

After breakfast I told him we needed to the bird feeder store, and as we were driving there he told me "we're going the eat bird store!"...

Over breakfast we discussing how we needed to get Mother's Day presents Murph got all excited and said "and CAKE"!


Eggs in the City

Forever Friends...

I know Murphy won't remember this trip - but at least we have pictures. Murphy adored this little man - he is such a sweet caring spirit, as we ate dinner the last night Malik got really quite and seemed like something was bothering him - we kept asking and he would just say he was fine, but come to find out he was so sad inside because we were leaving the next morning. Family - Forever.

Carmel Valley Beach

Murphy was not nearly as comfortable at this beach. The waves were crashing in much more fervently and he would hardly leave my arms. My mom used to ride her bike to this beach every morning and swim in the ocean on the way to school - the water is ABSOLUTELY freezing.

From this beach so can see Pebble Beach golf course all along the side. Wow.

Are those not the cutest shoes you have ever seen!!!!


This beautiful person is my Grammy, it was amazing to go back and revisit places that I remember from being and child and now being able to share them with the Murph-man.

The Monterey Beach 2007