Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged - Eight Wierd Things

Now if you asked my dear husband he could probably come up with many more than just eight weird - I mean endearing - things about me. But since I am supposed to come up with them here we go:

1. Nails being clipped - I absolutley can't stand to listen to other people click their finger/toe nails creeps me out! Funny thing is that it doesn't bother me to hear mine being clipped at all.

2. Forks making that weird scraping sound on a plate - I will seriously have to run into another room if someone is doing this on purpose.

3. Drinks in glasses - I always leave about 1/4 to 1/2 in of whatever liguid I am drinking in the bottom, I don't even think about this I just don't EVER finish what is in a glass, I also have to get a new glass almost every time a get a drink if the old glass has been sitting longer than a few minutes - You said weird right?

4. OCD + Undiagnosed = me (cleaning, on-time etc etc)

5. Leftovers are not for eating!!!!! I have a 24-48 hour rule on leftovers, if they have been in longer than that/or you can't remember when they were cooked they are not edible.

6. Shopping - I am the most undecided shopper you will meet, I don't know how many times I have stood in line to checkout only to get to the cashier and decide that I don't really need said item and put it back - irritating!

7. I don't like to be splashed with water especially if I am not in a pool aka doing dishes or bathing a child and husband thinks it would be funny to splash water on wifes face - I don't know if it is mental or not but it makes my skin FREAK OUT!

8. I am a freak about Christmas - I am getting better so that they people that live with me don't go insane but I used to start listening to Christmas Music sometime in Oct (you only get to listen to it once a year right) Now I am forced to wait until after Thanksgiving - PURE TORTURE


Trinbean said...

It is funny but Mike has a thing with Nails and Toe nails...I can't clip my nails when he is in the same room. The whole shopping thing I think we all have in common. I am definately guilty of that too. Thanks for sharing your 8 things.....Love them and Love you!!!

Kim said...

Sarah I love your eight things. What a treat to read today. We have A LOT in common, especially the water splashing thing, I turn into a banshee if I get splashed, so irritating!

Lace said...

On my list I seriously thought that the shopping thing was the absolute weirdest thing. I really didn't know that other people did that too! That's one comforting thing about this is it makes you feel a bit more normal I guess! But then again you and I are basically the same because we are both Geminis!

I gotta say though that liquid in the glass thing is quite weird!!! How funny! I also don't think I knew what a freak you are about Christmas... I mean I remember sitting next to you at work listening to Christmas Music in October but I don't think I knew you really loved it so much!

Tony said...

me too on that whole christmas thing. Lacie's mom and I have a battle almost every year about when to start christmas. Lacie gets her christmas thing from her mother as well. I LOVE to decorate early for christmas! And I DON'T CARE if it doesn't match my front room perfectly!!!!! And I wouldn't mind at all if we left it up until the end of January either! If you don't give yourself ample time to celebrate christmas, it just makes the holiday a little bit less special every year until you turn into Mr. Scrooge!!! WWWHHHHEEEEEWWWW!!!! I feel better now. Thank you for being obsessed with Christmas...

altagirl said...

Tony - I am so glad my idiocyncries could help you know your not alone. Go Christmas!