Saturday, June 2, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - CAMPING 07

We went camping this last weekend down by Price in Hunnington Canyon - really pretty national park. It was FREEZING the first night. We of course put all of our extra layers on the Murph-man so he wouldn't be cold, when he woke up in the middle of the night calling for mommy - you better believe I high tailed it into his sleeping bag - it was toasty warm in there! When we got up the next morning there was frost all over the car and it was 32 degrees out!

Murphy had so much fun having our undivided attention for the weekend, he was helping Josh split wood, throwing rocks into the river and generally getting dirty.


Trinbean said...

It looks like you guys had fun even though it was FREEZING ASS cold!!!!

Lace said...

Wow! Trinbean my eyes are burning from that last comment!!!

Speaking of burning I love the fist picture with the little bit of flame in it. That is awesome! It looks like so much fun! Good for you guys for doing a little family camping trip! So cool!