Saturday, August 4, 2007

Project Completion

Thanks to my friend Ash I made my husband wonder "who in the world is this crafty woman at the kitchen table?" I seriously do not do anything crafty but this project made me want to do more. In fact it inspired me to make magnets for my fridge! The first project was the one we did at Ash's house which was painting wood blocks and then adding letters to them to create a word. Murphy has his in his room and loves them - he points to them and tells us "that says MURPHY". Thanks Ash!!!

The magnets are very simple, they are glass pebbles and then I used the scrapbook transfer stuff for the words and then glued on the magnet on the back. FUN!


Trinbean said...

VERY CUTE are sure turning into a crafty woman!!!!

Lace said...

Those are adorable!!! I love them! You are very clever!

blair hill said...

omgoooodness this is so mormonyutahish of you. haha but very very cute.