Thursday, August 7, 2008

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas Anymore

So I am not home right now, in fact I am in Denver at a business conference. One think with business travel is nothing ever goes just right. You either bring the right clothes and the wrong shoes or you don't have a car at the airport in your name etc. But I have the right clothes with the right shoes and i even had a car at the Hertz waiting for me. I also had to ride 20 minutes in a shuttle bus with a stinky scout troop who was on their wait to some scavenging outing in the middle of nowhere complaining about how there was mandetory showers - everyday. Are you kidding me? Serioursly these boys hadn't taken a shower in a few days just in anticipation - I could SMELL them.

So anyway, I get in my car drive the 20 miles to downtown, get to the hotel lounge for a bit and head to a Rockies game - in a suite! - and guess what. It got rained out - no game - not even a snippet of one. Oh and come to find out all of the poeople that weren't at the game two blocks away were told the couldn't go ANYWHERE because there was a threaght of tornaodos ripping through downtown. Yep I was outside in Coor's field when I should have somewhere very dry and enclosed.

This should be a great trip.

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Trinbean said...

ohhh think we could have been camping this weekend!!!!! Miss you, hope you make it home safely!!!!Loves