Thursday, October 16, 2008

Words you'd rather NOT here when you are going to get your eyebrows done...

...(heavy Persian accent) you lay down here - you're here for the bikini wax, correct?

NO - just eyebrows thank you very much!

So I just had my first experience with getting my eyebrows threaded, which is where instead of wax they take a really long piece of string fold it in half and twist it into your brow pulling out little hairs in its wake. CRAZY!

As I lay down on the table to get my brows whipped into shape, the lady hands me a kleenex saying, (heavy Persian accent) "this is for you!". I asked her if I was going to cry and she told "you may!". And I did.

But it was so worth it! What is it about having clean brows that just boosts your confidence level???

The funny thing was after we were done was when the lady asked me what my name was and if this was my first time - so the conversation I thought we would have instead of the "you here for BIKINI wax"!?


Trinbean said...


lesliewentz said...


I have had my eyebrows done that way a few times before! I like it so much better than waxing but boy it does hurt more! :)

Anonymous said...

ha you should have just gone for it all...bikini, and eyebrows all for the price of eyebrows right? right? ha!!

altagirl said...

marci - I totally should have thought of that!

the only thing wrong with that experience is that when you are getting a bikini wax - you need to mentally prepare for it!