Monday, April 30, 2007

Good. Green. Earth.

I finally made the phone call to inquire as to how one gets a recycling can and the guy told me that the city council decided to deliver recycline containers to anyone that didn't already have them this summer! Yea!

Funny the things that make your day.

--What makes yours?--


Lace said...

It always makes my day to hear about someone being pregnant even if it's a complete stranger!!! I just imagine the excitement and happiness they feel and it makes me so happy! There's always other little things that make my day too just a silly thing that Dellie does or the other day when Justin called Brittney- I'm not a fan of either but I was really excited about that! Silly I know! Well, you also know I get excited every Thursday when the garbage man comes and takes away all my trash!!!

altagirl said...

That' funny Lace - Murphy gets excited too when the Garbage man comes though I really have to train him to go stick the garbage on the other side of the street if he misses it the first goround...heehee

Kim said...

I love to sleep in. If I can sleep in, I am good to go! The whole day is a happy one for me. And I would be totally stoked to get a recycling can too! I am a nut about that kind of stuff!