Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Cute pic by Lacie Mae
Okay so I am hope that song is stuck in your head - because it is going round and round in mine.

On another note: We just weighed in for the biggest loser contest here at my office, and though my weight stayed exactly the same (seriously two days ago I was down 5 up 2 yesterday etc etc), anyway I have lost INCHES people INCHES! An 1 1/2 off my waist (bye bye sucker) and 2 inches off my butt (can't miss ya till your gone) and 2 INCHES off my thighs!!! I could run around the office jumping up and down, but instead I chose to post it here - don't you feel lucky!!!

So now the next thing - I am training for a marathon...kidding I'm not, I will leave that to my crazy gym lovin sister. But I do feel like we started down a road with our little family of being just a little bit healthier with our eating and I have started making it to the gym on a regular basis which is incredible for me. Here's to the FUTURE!

Oh BTW my cute handsome hunk of a hubby lost 11 LBS!!!


Tony said...

.......and I gained 20 pounds.... Thanks for rubbing it in :)

Lace said...

He really did! Ha! ha! I love it!

Anyway! GOOD JOB SARAH!!! You look awesome! Way to go!

blair said...

thats awesome!! congrats congrats congrats@!

altagirl said...

Tony - at least now when you turn sideways we can still SEE you instead of you dissappearing!

I on the other hand did NOT have that problem!

Trinbean said...

WAY TO GO SISTA!!!! how awesome!!!!!!!

Kim said...

This is so amazing and utterly inspiring. You have always looked amazing to me Lady...two inches off your thighs? WOW!

Ashlee said...

WOW that is amazing. I admire you for trying out the vegan thing...I am just too lazy to think that much about getting my protine. Don't get me wrong we eat healthy and mainly all natural but you take it to a new level! I would kill to loose 2 inches off my booty! How are you doing? I am in a missing old friends mood, we need to do lunch sometime when I'm up. Take care girl!
PS LOVE THE HAIR..I have been out of the blogging world for a while so I haven't seen it. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

hot dang!! no wait this deserves a damn!!! you fine little thing, you don't even have those inches to lose. but i am happy for you feeling good and sticking with it!