Monday, June 23, 2008

Quantum Wellness - Day 1

We have decided to take a quantum leap, we are reconnecting with our food for 21 days. We (Josh and I - I am sure that Murphy will still sneak in some chicken nuggets) are giving up all animal and animal by product (CHEESE!!!), gluten, sugar and caffeine.

Wish us luck! Day one, going well so far. We had soy yogurt and fruit, something vegan for lunch and then summery quinoa for dinner. Yum!

The reason for this cleanse isn't nessesaryily to loose weight, but more to refocus on what we are really eating. I don't know what is in a box of mac and cheese - and I probably don't want to. Do you know what goes into a hamburger?

The other part of this cleanse is causing no harm - that means no harm to animals, fish etc. Something about that speaks to me, I have always been an avid fan of the farmers market, believing that if you buy closer we are all better off.

By the way - I really miss my coffee.


Tony said...

I guess i'm glad i didn't make it on friday, WHEW! I escaped that one! hehe

altagirl said...

whatever this weekend was the weekend of stuffing our faces before the quantumness started. You really missed out! We had brats, hamburgers & some really BAD cranberry juice - you'll have to ask your wife about that one :-)

You were missed my friend, hope the scouts were worth it!!!! Oh my that did sound bad! I meant I hope you had fun!

Kim said...

Man...I WISH I had willpower for ANYTHING...I could totally give up meat...but not high fructose corn syrup. YUMM.

Anonymous said...

this is such a great idea!! i didn't cut out anything like you are, but i did start paying more attention to the crap i put in my body...i haven't had my regular energy drinks or any soda since february!! my body likes me better this way! good job to you dear!! (check out dooce(dot)com, she is doing something similar...if you need some support!)

Trinbean said...

WOW girl that is awesome. I really wish I had the will power to do something like that. I too can go without eating meat and I could probably very easily not drink soda pop but I have to have coffee and sweets once and a great while. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
Hey Marc...i have been meaning to tell you, you really look AMAZING!!!!!
BTW:Yes the cranberry juice was WAYYYYY BAD!!!! and also sarah I love your hair color :-)

altagirl said...

trin-bean I am really not sure of your sincerity with the hair comment.

Kidding - LOVE YOU!